A Snowy Saturday

Good morning! If you haven’t already heard from those crazy meteorologists… this is what Colorado is supposed to look like today:

48-Hour Snow Forecast


A snowy Saturday it is! I’m having flashbacks from a few weekends ago when I was stuck inside all day.  It was actually quite nice–I had a chance to deep clean, get all of my laundry done and do some major organizing all before noon!  Here’s how today started:



Fuel for the day! This is a really typical weekend breakfast for us.  About 95% of the time we’ll do an egg of some sort (right now I’m loving poached) with toast and fruit.  And coffee of course! I always make a bigger pot on Saturdays and tend to drink it throughout the morning.

Ideas for the rest of today:

  • Watch Argo–I have really been looking forward to this and today would be a perfect movie day
  • Manicure/Pedicure–typical for a weekend and desperately needed
  • Get a library card–I don’t why I’ve put it off so long because it’s right next door to my apartment
  • Research grad school/advanced credentials–ah yes.  I’m already antsy to start studying again (NERD)
  • Meal plan for the week–it makes grocery shopping SO much easier and helps stick to a budget
  • Research hotels for our upcoming Vail weekend in April!!!!!

Wherever you are, have a relaxing Saturday.

What I Love About Spring

Natural light in the morning? I like the sounds of that…

Weekend 004

So happy that Spring is almost here–expect to see a lot more photos of breakfast!  This morning I started my day with this beautiful bowl of oats.  It had some banana, raisins, cinnamon and my latest obsession: sunflower seed butter.  I have tasted this is in the past, but must have forgot how good it was.  It really adds a nice roast-y flavor to breakfast, especially smoothies!

I was able to get outside after work for a run (haven’t done this in months!).  It always feels so odd running on pavement again after treadmilling it (a verb runners can relate to) for the winter.  Sadly, my Core Power Yoga membership just ended.  I’m rationalizing that this is OK because I’ll be spending more time outside running/hiking anyways.  Let’s hope that actually happens!  Other Spring favorites:

The return of rooftop bars and restaurants

Baseball season

The switch from hot coffee to iced

Farmer’s Markets




A Colorado Weekend

Weekend 002

(Sunday Dinner^^)

What a fabulous weekend in Colorado! We lucked out with some very Spring-ish temperatures the last two days and I fully took advantage by getting outside for some fresh air.

Friday was all about a work charity event.  I volunteered as a greeter/silent auction gift wrapper and had a blast mingling with attendees and co-workers. It was at a swanky hotel downtown complete with great food and an inspirational program.  It ended up being a late night and I was BEAT by the time I finally got home and basically face-planted into bed.

I was definitely exhausted on Saturday morning, but had plans to snowshoe with one of my girlfriends. Since I knew it would be so beautiful outside, I couldn’t change my mind.  But first, Jacob and I tried a new breakfast place called the Copper Pot (had a Groupon) and we were pleasantly surprised at how much we liked it.

I ordered this breakfast sandwich and it was great.

Weekend 001

The picture doesn’t really do it justice (looks kind-of like a hamburger?), but it was scrambled eggs with spinach, portobello mushrooms, jalapenos and pepper jack cheese on a brioche bun.  I had the choice of a meat (skipped it), any 3 vegetables and cheese.  The potatoes were so-so, but I always appreciate a side of fresh fruit.  Great coffee too!

This was good fuel for my afternoon of snowshoeing that turned out to be one of the best trails I’ve been on! We ventured up to Nederland, a small town near Boulder, and spent about two hours making our way up steep hills, over bridges and through trees until we reached Lost Lake.  I will have to remember this location in the summer because we ended up finding some secluded campsites as well.

Another nice day today meant some “urban hiking” in Morrison near Red Rocks.  Jacob and I had a nice walk on a paved path through town and we ended up shopping around for some summer items before having an appetizer and a beer at an Irish pub.  I’m finally winding down for the night and wish I had one more day to relax before going back to work.  Spring fever I suppose!

Shrimp Enchiladas



Hellooooooo enchiladas! It’s been WAY too long since I have made these. If you know me, you know that I adore Mexican foods–specifically loaded nachos and enchiladas.  I have made enchiladas so many times with tons of variations.  We’re talking red sauce, green sauce, cream sauce, chicken, steak, vegetarian, flour tortilla, corn tortilla… You name it!

I found this particular recipe on Eat, Live, Run and wanted to try it immediately because it calls for shrimp, which I hadn’t tried before.  These were very simple to put together as I used pre-cooked shrimp and bagged shredded cheese.  I loved the extra spiciness of the green enchilada sauce that was recommended (I bought the HOT version without realizing). Besides the cilantro you see on top, I served with hot sauce and chunky pico de gallo salsa.

One thing that Jacob and I have been hooked on lately are those uncooked tortillas you can find in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. It takes about 2 minutes to cook them, they last much longer, and they taste really fresh (go figure!).  The brand we buy can be found here.  If  you haven’t tried these before–you must!  Even though they take that extra 2 minutes from your life that would be spent stocking someone on Facebook (come on, you know it’s true), I promise they are worth it.

Find the complete recipe here: Shrimp Enchiladas Verde

Have a great night!



Just wanted to see what this would look like when posting from my phone.

P.s. loving this nut butter right now!

I’m back… again!

Well hello.

I really didn’t think I would be saying this again, but it’s been almost a year since my last post.  Time flies when you’re having fun!  Looking back on my blog, it seems like this is the time of year when I always start thinking about blogging again.    I don’t know if it’s a general excitement for Spring and running outside or if it’s just a less-busy time of year for me.  Either way, I am fully embracing it and just going for it!

I don’t have too much to say besides I had a fabulous Sunday.  Just the right amount of relaxation and productivity to make it perfect.  We also got a nice snow all day long which makes drinking copious amounts of coffee and staying inside under a blanket so much less lazy-sounding.  Did you see that I was also productive? You know, laundry and grocery shopping.

I wish I had a camera again so I could take some really good food pictures on a regular basis, but the good old iPhone will just have to suffice for now.  See you soon,



A Nearly Perfect Day

I know I’m late with this one, but man Saturday was a great day.  We’ve been hitting the 60s on a weekly basis here in Denver which is just in time for my longer outside training runs.  Allow me to explain my perfect day…

Solid breakfast.  Looks pretty in the picture, was stirred into a huge mess shortly after.  FYI, greek yogurt works well as a pre-run meal!

Long run in the gorgeous Colorado sunshine.

Stretch. Ice Bath. Curse and grit teeth while taking ice bath. Coconut Water.

Iced Coffee.  Nothing says springtime like my beloved iced beverage of choice!

After getting cleaned up, I went for happy hour early dinner with some friends to an amazing new-to-me restaurant called Highland Tap & Burger which I would highly recommend!!  I got the Shrooms Luva and this beauty of a beer flight:

Why pick one beer when you can taste four?

This week in training:

  • M: 3 miles easy
  • T: 6 miles done outside–not normal for a weekday, but it’s finally starting to stay lighter LONGER!
  • W: Strength + Stretching
  • Th: 3 miles (400 repeats)
  • F: Off
  • S: 12 miles long
  • Su: Yoga + Strength

I’m looking forward to a fun day at work tomorrow followed by the Colorado Dietetics Association conference Friday and Saturday.  Next week I will be finishing up my Food Service Management rotation and then heading south to visit the boyfriend for a long weekend!!

Cheers to Thursday?