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What I Love About Spring

Natural light in the morning? I like the sounds of that…

Weekend 004

So happy that Spring is almost here–expect to see a lot more photos of breakfast!  This morning I started my day with this beautiful bowl of oats.  It had some banana, raisins, cinnamon and my latest obsession: sunflower seed butter.  I have tasted this is in the past, but must have forgot how good it was.  It really adds a nice roast-y flavor to breakfast, especially smoothies!

I was able to get outside after work for a run (haven’t done this in months!).  It always feels so odd running on pavement again after treadmilling it (a verb runners can relate to) for the winter.  Sadly, my Core Power Yoga membership just ended.  I’m rationalizing that this is OK because I’ll be spending more time outside running/hiking anyways.  Let’s hope that actually happens!  Other Spring favorites:

The return of rooftop bars and restaurants

Baseball season

The switch from hot coffee to iced

Farmer’s Markets




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